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cheap longchamp Citrix Releases Latest Version of Cloud Services Delivery Platform

Citrix Releases Latest Version of Cloud Services Delivery Platform

Cloud software provider Citrix announced on Wednesday it has released CloudPortal Business Manager 2.0, a one stop cloud services delivery platform.

The move comes a few months after cloud backup provider BackupAgent integrated with Citrix to deliver cloud backup to service providers through the Citrix CloudPortal Services Manager.

CloudPortal Business Manager 2.0 enables enterprises and service providers to unify the commerce, user management, provisioning and operational aspects of a cloud into a single cloud interface for delivering anything as a service.

Using the platform, cloud developers are able to transform general purpose cloud infrastructures into consumable business services, placing IT in the role of strategic cloud services broker by enabling an agile IT as a service model.

The release of the new platform expands on Citrix vision for helping businesses of all types and sizes build clouds the way the world’s most successful clouds are built.

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The practice of operating a cloud as a business can be challenging without being equipped with the right set of tools to connect cloud services to business operations and end users.

CloudPortal Business Manager 2.0 enables businesses to move their cloud services strategy beyond infrastructure as a service to include applications, workloads and services with a platform for metering, managing and delivering them to users via a simple, self service catalog.

The platform is open and extensible so that administrators can leverage the newly available SDKs and APIs for CloudPortal Business Manager 2.0 to offer third party or in house cloud services that seamlessly integrate with existing business and operations systems.

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